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About McClure Family


How it all began…

In 2016, we began documenting our lives through pictures and videos. In late 2016, Ami started “twin talks“ with Ava and Alexis, as we felt their funny personalities were enjoyable. In one video, “Twins Realize They Look the Same“, Alexis got upset because she was one minute younger than her identical twin Ava. As Alexis cooled down, she realized she was a little bit taller than Ava, which prompted Ava to meltdown.

To Be Blended in America

This feel-good moment went mega-viral…

…with millions of views around the world. As this happened in late October, 2016, the next week we were on the Today Show and Good Morning America. The rest is history…we set out to make positive high-quality content that represented our values of humor, compassion, empathy, & family values, while also being entertaining.

We built the McClure Family brand on delivering positive content – we try to be a positive space in an often negative world. The name stayed McClure Family because we would have never pursued this if not for the girls early viral success. Since then, we’ve had more viral videos and used our influence for good. One of the happiest moments is when Ava and Alexis found out they were having a baby brother!

The latest addition
to the family

Although the girls were confused when baby brother was born, they soon fell in love with baby Jersey (and he's obsessed with the twins!). As the baby brother grew, the girls learned to do more and more with him. They love to feed him, change his clothes, and of course, play with him all day long!

Who We Are

Meet The McClure Family


Justin McClure


Ami Dunni McClure

The McClure Twins


McClure Family YouTube Channel

The McClure Family is a positive lifestyle family brand. Their videos are positive and funny with a focus on kids, parenting, twins, and family-friendly. New videos are posted weekly, so please subscribe!

Creating Content That Makes People Feel Good

With our family complete, and perfectly blended, we strive to make content that makes people feel, while also entertaining. As we bring awareness to things we care about, we hope to teach our kids and the world about how to live with strength, decency, and compassion.

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