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An Important Message // I Want to Give Back

This Blog is a Bit Different.

I have been wanting to write this blog for some time now and really the only thing stopping me was the desire to get this blog perfect. Of all of the blogs we write, this one needs to stand out and that’s not an easy task. But I want to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart and something that I think everyone needs to hear about. 

Children’s Rescue Mission Does the Impossible.

Over the last several years, I have been on the board for an organization called Children’s Rescue Mission (CRM). This charity relief organization is focused on serving the children and families that live in the most desolate corners of Honduras. Their mission is to get food, necessities, and prayer to those who need it desperately. I have been working closely with my friends Dierk Eckart and Miguel Giron along with many others to make sure that CRM gets the funding and supplies that they need to serve these people.

I have had the honor to visit Teupasenti, Honduras four times and with every visit, my convictions that we should be doing more to help those, not only in Honduras but places just like it. Especially right now. With the spread of the virus, Teupasenti has taken a significant economic hit and basic necessities like clean water, food, and masks are too expensive. CRM has had some donations of masks and supplies but it simply isn’t enough. 

My Life Has Been Changed

If you have seen any of my car conversations with Jersey, you may have been directed to watch this video. If you haven’t seen it, then you should go watch it after you read this. But essentially, I explained to Jersey why I had to leave and go to Honduras. This is a cause I truly believe in. If we have the ability to help others, we should. That’s basic human decency in my opinion. When you see a community that is in dire need of the basic necessities that we take for granted every day, it’s hard to return to your regular life and not think about how those people are living in those conditions. 

How Can You Help?

As you move forward after reading this post, consider what you can do to help those around you in this unprecedented time. No one has walked through this year without heartache and hardships. If you feel led to and can help the people in Honduras, you can visit this site here to donate and get more information. But, you can also greatly support them by following CRM on Facebook and Instagram! There, you will receive updates and even see a familiar face every now and then. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this extremely important message. My goal is to do everything I can to make sure that the people who are doing good in the world have the tools they need to be successful. I am so humbled to be apart of CRM and all of the work that they do every single day. 


  • MELVA Brewer
    October 9, 2020

    You are a blessing to the kids and people of Honduras .

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