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Are Our Kids Prepared For An Emergency?

One of the things that we worry about as parents are what our kids will do in case of an emergency. We are hopeful that they know the right steps to take, but we really don’t know how they will react and what they will do, until faced with an actual emergency. 

In True McClure Fashion, We Decided to Do a Little Acting.

So, we decided to find out what happens when Ava and Alexis find themselves in the midst of an emergency without an adult to help. Did we technically prank the girls? Yes. Did we teach them a valuable lesson in all of this? Potentially. 

The Set-Up.

The very first thing that we did was set up cameras everywhere. Justin pulled out just about every camera and GoPro that we have and set them up in our bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen. We didn’t want to miss anything that the girls did. We were not disappointed with the amount of coverage that we got! In fact, it was enough to make two whole videos out of and you can watch them here and here

We had to come up with a scenario that the girls would hopefully believe and that I could act out without giving myself away. You’ll come to learn that I didn’t fool one of our girls, but more on that later. So, Justin and I decided that he would take Jersey and get out of the house for a little bit. While they were gone, I would “get hurt” trying to learn a TikTok dance from the girls. It went smoothly and when I fell, the girls’ immediate reaction was something I never expected. 

What Emergency?

They started to laugh at me. They clearly didn’t understand that I had “genuinely” hurt myself for a few moments. To be fair, this is a house of pranksters and this was technically a prank, but I had to really ramp up my acting skills to try and get the girls to believe me. They know I have a bad knee and so I acted like I had messed up my knee pretty severely in the fall. That’s when they realized that something may be wrong. 

Their first reaction was to ask if I wanted them to turn off the cameras, which is a great instinct to have if your parents aren’t trying to film your reaction. But I lied about my doctor maybe needing to see the footage and asked them to get me some ice. It took both of them and Ace running back and forth from the kitchen a few times but I finally got some ice. At this point, they were chaotic and unsure of what to do. 

Ava & Alexis Were Not Prepared…

They sat by me and watched me like a hawk. They tried to reassure me and make me feel better, but ultimately, they were desperate for any hint of direction on what to do. I finally asked them if they thought I needed a bandaid, trying to get them to assess the situation. Alexis immediately agreed and went to grab three huge bandaids and a wet paper towel. It was at that point that I told them to call their dad and try and get some direction on what to do. 

They Finally Called Dad!

Justin told them to hold tight and wait until he got home and that seemed to calm them a little bit. But it was evident that they really were relying on mine and their father’s instructions to handle the emergency. I eventually got them to tell me how to dial 9-1-1 just to confirm that they knew how to do it and once I knew they could, I gave up the charade. 

They Didn’t Love Being Pranked, But We Learned What We Needed To.

Ava felt betrayed and Alexis wasn’t bothered at all. But Justin and I felt that it was important to use a real-ish situation to teach them about emergencies instead of just talking about it. What would have happened if I had passed out while Justin wasn’t home? Would they know to immediately call their dad or 9-1-1? We needed to know, and now we know what we need to work on with them in case they do face an emergency one day without us. 

Are Your Kids Prepared For An Emergency?

How do you prepare your kids for emergencies? Do you do practice runs or show them where all of the medical supplies are? At what age do you start teaching them about crises? What about how to respond when there are no adults around to help? Let us know in the comments! 

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