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Ava & Alexis Are Training for the Big Screen!

Why Do Ava & Alexis Do So Many Skits?

There is something slightly different about Ava and Alexis’s YouTube channel in comparison to our Mighty McClure’s YouTube Channel. Some of you have noticed that it’s run a bit differently and we have even explained before that the channel is run by the girls, we just hold the camera. The main difference is that the girls do a lot of staged/scripted content on their channel which may seem a bit disingenuous and a little off-brand. However, we have a very specific reason for doing this and we wanted to share that with you! We are training the girls to work in the film industry.

Yes, Ava Has an Eyeliner Beard On…

The latest in the “Pretending to Be Our Parents” series that the girls have been doing was released last Friday and you guys seem to love it! Just like the other two videos, Ava and Alexis took on the role of either Justin or I and played out scenarios that they felt portrayed us best. The girls are absolutely hilarious and they love getting to stretch those acting muscles. 

We could just turn the camera on, say action, and let them improve their way through everything, but we feel like that wouldn’t be helpful in their growth. Both of our girls have expressed that they would like to pursue acting as a career and we want to do everything that we can to prepare them. So, we take the time to sit down and plot out the scenes before we shoot them. We discuss with the girls what they want to say and do and then we turn the camera on. 

We Make Training a Part of School!

Because these videos are a part of our life and we film them on a weekly basis, we felt that it was only appropriate to fit this sort of training into their schooling. On days when we are shooting, we make sure that we are deliberate in using the time to teach and train our girls so that they can be somewhat prepared when they enter the acting world. We are lucky enough to have our kids homeschooling right now and we have the opportunity to help them, so, why not?

Now, I can hear some of you Facebook Karens coming for us and saying that we are exploiting our children and I will politely ask you to sit down and read this entire blog before you leave your comments. 

They Do This training For You Too.

Ava and Alexis love making content for you. They are lucky enough to have a platform and a fan-base to share content with and they truly want to do this. It would have been extremely easy for us to sit back and let them continue with just their Twin Talks and not push them to work hard. But, that’s not who we are and that’s not how we are raising our kids. They work hard to create content for you guys because they are grateful for the opportunities that you have provided. 

The moment they don’t want to do this anymore is the moment we stop. We will never force our kids to participate in our videos. That’s it. 

The next time that you come across one of their skit videos on their channel, know that they are working hard to learn and grow for their future. Be proud of them for taking the time to plan with us and create something that they love. 

What do you think about their skits? How would you respond if your child told you that they wanted to be an actor? What kind of projects would you like to see from the girls? Let us know in the comments below! 
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