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Baby Jersey’s new milestone!



Baby Jersey taking a serious baby stroll behind his new walker!


One of the amazing things about parenthood is witnessing child milestones. Jersey Tayo McClure is 9-months old, so his growth is abundant. He does so many new things every week. It was only a month ago that he began crawling! Now he’s standing up on his own, and we project he’ll be walking soon.

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Jersey Tayo McClure is focused on his walking game!.


It seems some babies crawl for a while and others go straight to walking. From what we’ve witnessed, it seems Jersey will walk before he’s 10-months old. The other day he took a couple baby steps, but wouldn’t re-produce, probably because he was unaware he even took the steps to begin with. LOL!

Baby Jersey Tayo McClure waving to everyone as he learns to walk!


Ami got Jersey this baby walker, which has a bunch of noise makers attached to a bear body (I think it’s a bear, what is this thing? Lol). Actually, it looks like a squirrel with bear ears. At first Jersey was only interested in the noises that it would make, playing with the “bells and whistles” but finally he voyaged into using it for its purpose: to learn how to walk.


Jersey McClure multi-tasking waving while walking, pretty good for a baby!


The family had a big laugh as Jersey began walking behind the “squirrel/bear cub”, because his walking was so adorable. But then, after Jersey walked to the end of the room he turned around and waved, which had to be the most precious thing we’ve ever seen him do. To make it eve more adorable, he gave us this sweet smile and began waving more, which delighted Ava, Alexis, Mom and Dad McClure.

Then Jersey realized he was putting on a show for the family because he started romping behind the walker and turning around to wave at each stop. Maybe he thinks he’s going to the store or perhaps he’s practicing being in a handsome-beauty pageant? Lol. Whatever the case, Jersey walking behind the baby walker made our day.

Anyone who has seen Jersey knows he has some big ole thighs, so to see those baby thighs cavort around the room is sheer joy. He’s a big baby but moves pretty well, and we know he’ll lose the baby fat as he gets more active.

Baby Jersey on his way to the store – you need anything


As Jersey reaches more milestones, we’ll make sure to share them with you all. Please make sure you subscribe to the site, leave your email so we can give updates. We know he’ll be walking soon, so expect an awesome video of Jersey walking for the first time…we look forward to that moment! Thanks for being part of our family and journey. Appreciate you all.

If you haven’t see the video of Jersey

learning to crawl, here it is:

Below is Baby Jersey taking a ride on his first “roller coaster” ride with Dad, Justin McClure:

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