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Becoming Brave // Jersey Takes on Jamaica!

New Year, Brave Jersey?

There seemed to be a pretty significant change in the life of Jersey Tayo McClure over the course of our recent trip to Jamaica. If you have been following along on our journey, you know that Jersey is a shy, introspective, kid who doesn’t like to have too much attention drawn on him. He also has some anxieties and fears that our other kids just don’t have. He is often afraid to try things like roller coasters or water slides. But, our little man surprised the heck out of us as we adventured across Jamaica when he blossomed into this bold, brave little man!  

Rafting Went Better Than I Anticipated!

One of my favorite excursions that we went on was a bamboo raft ride. These were truly rafts and didn’t have the safety measures that we are accustomed to on boats. They were pushed, by pole, down the river and the trip was truly beautiful. We got to see some incredible nature and experience things that you just don’t get to experience here in the states. You can watch our video about the raft ride here! One of the things that I anticipated was for Jersey to hold on to me the entire time. I couldn’t help but envision him holding on for dear life as we went on those roller coasters at the state fair. The rafts didn’t go fast at all, but as this was a new experience, I wasn’t sure how he was going to handle it. All I know is that usually, he doesn’t like change. 

Following the Leaders

Jersey watched his sisters help our guides push the rafts down the river and as they walked into the water and explored outside of the raft. I really believe that he looks to them as examples and while sometimes I wish that he didn’t, in this case, I am so glad that they gave him the courage to at least try. Jersey helped push the raft with the pole and even asked to get out of the raft many times. He was having the time of his life and I was too just watching my kids enjoy themselves. 

Ava and Alexis were truly brave as they tried new things all along the way on this vacation. The growth that I have seen in them in just the last year is astonishing to me. They really have that big sister energy when it comes to how they interact with Jersey. They may boss him around quite a bit, but they are always encouraging him to try new things and be brave like they are. 

Continuing the Trend of Bravery

Watching my children thrive outside of their comfort zones was one of the most rewarding things about our vacation. I genuinely enjoyed escaping our daily grind, but I loved being in a space where my kids could learn, play, and see some of the most amazing things on this planet. I hope that even though we are back to normal that they still strive to be brave and try new things, even if it scares them a little. 

What are some of the fears your children have overcome? How did they approach their fears? How did you encourage them to be brave? Let me know in the comments! 
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  • 3361449421girl
    February 9, 2021

    it’s nice they enjoyed them selves!

    ps I was born on july 12 too!

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