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Big Changes Ahead // Switching to Home School

We Had to Make A Pretty Serious Change 

We have had to make some pretty serious decisions as we have watched the progression of the pandemic. How are we going to take that vacation that we had been planning? How do we keep our family safe from exposure? But the biggest decision that we had to make was what we were going to do about school for the kids. With how unpredictable the spread of the virus has been, Ami and I don’t feel like it’s the best move to put the girls back in the school environment right now. So, we are going to hire a homeschool teacher. We told the kids this last week and they didn’t take it how we expected.

Telling the Kids

Jersey was pretty indifferent when we told him that he would be homeschooled this year. This makes sense, he probably doesn’t fully understand yet and it won’t be too different than what he has been doing. But, we were pretty nervous about telling Ava and Alexis. We knew that they love being with their friends and their teachers. We also know that they have been practically stuck in our house since March. So, being the prepared Father that I am, I listened to my wife and made a trip to CVS to get some school supplies. The motivation may have been to encourage the girls to get excited about the transition, but I think it worked. 

When we told Ava and Alexis, they were ecstatic. Ami and I were shocked. We thought they would have a full-blown meltdown. Ava was pretty clear that she was excited about not having to sit at school for seven hours every day. I mean I get it, but even when we asked if they would miss their friends, the girls were fine with it. They may change their minds at some point, but it makes us happy that they want to be home. 

Why it’s Not a Bad Thing

Kids want to be where they are comfortable and if we have created a space for them where they feel safe and happy, that’s about all we work towards as parents. Our goals are to provide for our kids and make sure that they always have a place to go. It’s been so easy to feel like we are stuck in our house recently – that’s part of the reason we took the road trip- but it helps me to know that the kids aren’t sick of us or their home yet. 

Of course, we are going to do everything we can to be sure that the kids are getting the best instruction and we will also find a way for them to have safe socialization with their friends so they don’t feel so isolated. No one knows how long this will be the norm, but until things get safer, we will be doing everything we can to protect our kids. 

What Did You Decide?

If you want to see the video about us telling the girls, you can find it here. We want to know what decisions you have made in this situation. Remember that this a judgment-free zone. Everyone has to make decisions that work best for their family. But, we want to know what you considered when looking at starting school this year. Also, if you are homeschooling your kids, how did they react when you told them? Let us know! Remember to follow us on all of our social media! Our new Instagram is growing quickly! We may even have a few giveaways coming soon! Don’t forget to also subscribe to Ava and Alexis’ new YouTube channel. This week, they stretched their acting muscles and played in the woods!


  • Chavon
    August 25, 2020

    We chose the school based virtual program. The school offered this and a two day of in school/3 day home model. We don’t feel comfortable with the in school for any days model

  • Hilda
    August 25, 2020

    Since they were enrolled in a Montessori School you had already budgeted to pay tuitions for all of them, it certainly won’t be hardship to hire a homeschool teacher. If I remember back in the day Montessori philosophy for schooling is different. Lots of independent work. So the twins are use to non traditional instruction! So they will do great 👍

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