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  • Jersey Met Bliss & Blythe Well, the girls had their first sleepover and of course, they loved it. However, one of the biggest surprises from the weekend was Jersey. Our shy and quiet Main Man had the time of his life

  • This is a completely different blog post than what we normally cover on our blog. To be clear, this is Ami writing and boy do I have a lot to say. First of all, thank you for taking the time

  • Why Do Ava & Alexis Do So Many Skits? There is something slightly different about Ava and Alexis’s YouTube channel in comparison to our Mighty McClure's YouTube Channel. Some of you have noticed that it’s run a bit differently and we

  • New Year, Brave Jersey? There seemed to be a pretty significant change in the life of Jersey Tayo McClure over the course of our recent trip to Jamaica. If you have been following along on our journey, you know that Jersey

  • One of the things that we worry about as parents are what our kids will do in case of an emergency. We are hopeful that they know the right steps to take, but we really don’t know how they will

  • Smartphones at 7 years old? This week we posted a video about the girls getting their first cell phones! We wanted to bring it to you guys to see what you think about giving seven-year-olds phones. To be honest, your opinion


Creating Content That Makes People Feel Good

With our family complete, and perfectly blended, we strive to make content that makes people feel, while also entertaining. As we bring awareness to things we care about, we hope to teach our kids and the world about how to live with strength, decency, and compassion.

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