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Boy VS Rollercoasters // Jersey is an Adrenaline Junkie!

He tried to unbuckle himself so he wouldn’t have to leave the fair!

We highly recommend the State Fair.

State fairs are usually pretty fun and we just loaded up the family and took a drive to the Georgia State Fair and we are pretty sure Jersey is going to remember this one. Just like our trip to St. Louis to see the Monster Trucks, we think that Jersey is going to have vivid memories of the fair as he gets older. The little man conquered some big fears and by the end of the day, he did not want to leave at all. 

Jersey has his own way of doing things.

The swings were a good transition to the big rides.

We were pretty relieved when Jersey finally relaxed enough to show emotion while experiencing the rides. For those of you who know Jersey or have been paying close attention to his channel, you know that he is a bit of an observer. He has to take everything in and make up his own decisions about the situation. So, for the first part of our state fair experience, Jersey had an angry look on his face. To the outside world, he looked like a miserable kid, but we knew he was having the time of his life. For solid evidence, watch the video here!

Especially after we started riding the bigger rides, Jersey started to open up and express how he was really feeling. Sometimes he just needs time to sort it all out for himself. Throughout the day, we progressed from the baby rides to the kid ones. Most of them, Jersey could ride because he’s a very big baby. But, disaster struck when he was eight inches too short for the superhero ride. I didn’t know how to tell him that he was lucky that he’s as big as he is or he’d be stuck on just the baby rides. As we got to our first big rollercoaster though, Jersey discovered something.

We are going to have to find more rollercoasters!

He just really loves rollercoasters. We have an adrenaline junkie two-year-old on our hands. As soon as he warmed up to the speed and height, there wasn’t a single thing that could keep that smile off of his face. We all had a really incredible day at the fair, but I think Jersey will come away a little bit more confident and brave as he moves onto whatever fears he comes to next. If he can conquer the rollercoaster, he can conquer anything. We just have to get him comfortable around dogs next. 

Don’t let fear stop you!

Fear can keep you from moving forward with the simplest things. We are trying to teach our kids that it’s ok to be afraid because everyone is afraid of something! But, we also want to encourage them to be brave and try new experiences even though it may scare them. It may seem that Jersey only took a small step this weekend, but we know that it took a lot out of the little guy to trust us that he was going to be safe on those rides.
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