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Byron Baxter Visits The McClures! // Everyone is Different!

A Very Important Lesson About Being Different

Here’s the thing about this crazy world that we live in: no two people are the same. No one in this family knows that more than Ava and Alexis. While they may look the same, we all know that they are totally different people! We make a point specifically to teach our children that the world is full of people who act, think, believe and look different than they do and that’s how it’s supposed to be. 

Many of you know that over the last several years, we have been introducing our children to kids who are different than them so that they can learn how to treat people with respect and kindness. Children often don’t know how to interact with other children or adults who have disabilities or illnesses.

Different is Good!

That is why we feel so strongly about allowing our children to learn from those who have to live a little differently from them. We don’t want them to ever be in a situation where they feel like it’s ok to treat someone poorly just because they are different. Everyone deserves kindness and understanding. 

The Baxter Boys [+ Fam] Came to Visit!

This last week, we had the Baxter family over so that the kids could meet five-year-old Byron Jr. Byron has Osteogenesis Imperfecta which is commonly known as Brittle Bone Disease. Despite his age, he hasn’t grown past the size of a toddler and he has broken over 100 bones in his body. His little bones are just too weak to withstand the everyday movements that we are so used to. 

The Baxter’s have their own social media platform to share Byron’s story and raise awareness for this disease. Fortunately, Byron is making some progress and he is able to do his own version of a crawl to get around. He’s just like every other kid. He loves to sing and play video games and talk. We want our kids to see that while he may have to live with a disease, he is still a person and should be treated like they treat everyone else. 

Compassion Over Sympathy

Our goal is to encourage them to be compassionate without feeling sorry for people. Too much sympathy can lead to condescending remarks and judgmental attitudes. So, be kind but be respectful. It’s a skill that we feel that every kid should learn young! If we don’t equip them with the tools to interact with people of all kinds, then we are doing them a disservice and creating an opportunity for discrimination and hurtful words. 

Learn More About the Baxter’s

You can watch our video with the Baxter Boys here to learn more about Byron and his life. His parents, Ebony and Byron Sr., are doing wonderful things to help raise awareness! So, we encourage you to follow them on their social media platforms! 

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  • Pearl Opoku
    November 13, 2020

    I really want to appreciate jith families for giving me a great insight about oesteognesis imperfecta. Even tho this is my first time hearing it. I learnt a lot. Treating people with disabilities with kindness and love is something we all have to learn than been rather judgemental.
    Love you all

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