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Discovering Insane Pictures on Our Twins’ iPads!

So, I Went Snooping on Ava and Alexis’ iPads…

There are few things more entertaining than what your kids decide to capture on camera. As a family surrounded by cameras all the time, our kids aren’t exactly camera shy. So, when I decided to take a look through the camera roll on the twins’ iPads, I wasn’t disappointed. The number of dance videos, selfies, and Instagram filters I found was enough to send me literally rolling on the floor. 

My Girls Are Models

I was very impressed with the model poses I was seeing from my girls! They have been learning from their Mama it seems. We only shared a fraction of the selfies that I found on the iPads in the video that we posted on the twins’ channel. Alexis especially had a ton of very intense selfies. Justin refuses to acknowledge the photos because she looks too grown up. 

Jersey Isn’t Always That Shy!

But, one of the most impressive things to me was the number of videos we had of Jersey dancing with his sisters! We can NEVER get him to cooperate and dance with his sisters in front of us. Yet, the second we step away, he is all in with his sisters. I don’t fully understand it, but I am just glad that we have footage/ evidence! 

Did We Make the Right Decision?

I often forget through all of the work that we do that our kids genuinely love to perform and model! Justin and I understand that on some level, we chose this life for them. We decided to post the twin talk videos and keep posting them once we realized that people loved them. 

We never imagined that it would grow into a business and some days we really struggle with our decisions to follow this path. But, after seeing things like this, It’s reassuring to know that they still want to be in front of the camera and have fun. These days we only keep going because it’s what they want to do and they have so much fun making content. I guess it’s just nice to have that reassurance sometimes. 

Do Your Kids Do This Too?

Do your kids take an obscene amount of selfies and videos on their devices? Or do you randomly find crazy pictures on your phone and wonder when they were taken? If you have, we would love to see them! Join our Facebook Group and comment on our Photo Challenge with your favorite pictures! 

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