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Happy Adoption Week!

It’s time to talk about adoption.

It’s officially National Adoption Week! As many of you know, we have what we think is a pretty incredible adoption story to tell. This week, that story was shared by Metro, a UK based news website. We are so honored to be apart of their Adoption Month series and we just wanted to take a moment and share on this platform why this story is so important. 

Our story, of course, is not a usual story and I could go into the details, but we’ve discussed it here before and Metro did an amazing job telling our story and you can read it here. But I wanted to talk about how important it is to celebrate adoption and how wonderful it has been in our life. I adopted Ava and Alexis when I married Ami and they are my children. No questions, no argument. 

With great adoption, comes great responsibility.

Adoption is-and should be-more than signing a few pieces of paper and changing last names. There is an incredible responsibility that I gained when I adopted the girls. It’s a responsibility to become their father, protector, teacher, provider, and encourager. It’s the exact same responsibility I have towards Jersey. I love my children and I wouldn’t change a second of my life since those beautiful girls came into my life. 

In my opinion, adoption is one of the most selfless acts any person could take on. And I am not just saying this because I did it. But, I say that because of my experience and how it changed my perspective. I went from a life of womanizing, drugs, and alcohol to a life full of serious responsibility as a father and husband almost overnight. 

I sobered up before I met Ami, but that time of my life seemed like it flew by so fast. Taking in a child who is not your blood and raising them and loving them as if they are is a promise few can make and keep. 

I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to love these girls and show them the love that only a father can provide. They are hardworking, talented, tenacious girls and it’s the best job in the world to be their dad. 

Do your research.

This week, as we celebrate Adoption Week, take a few moments to do a little research of your own, and learn what it takes to be an adoptive parent. I’m not asking you to become one, I just want you to get a glimpse of what it takes to go through the process. 

While you’re at it, look into the foster care system and see what the process can look like for the children who need parents who will care for them. I know this is a difficult subject to discuss, but If we have the opportunity to bring some attention to the issues that the foster system and adoption agencies face, I am going to take it. 

Ava, Alexis, Jersey, and Ami are the best part of my life and I am nothing without them. Thank you for following us on this journey and to those who have supported us from the beginning, I cannot thank you enough.

Tell us your adoption story!

If you have any experience with adoption we want to hear from you! What was your experience and what do you think is most important for the world to know? Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for more content from our whole family. Also, if you aren’t subscribed to our newsletter, you are missing out on some exclusive content!


  • Adenike
    October 15, 2020

    Whenever I read your story about “their” adoption, I still don’t want to believe it. What else can a child need that u haven’t shown/given to them as a father? “Blood birth” without love is nothing! I love the JAAJA (JUSTIN, ALEXI, AVA, JERSEY, AMI) family.😘

  • Robin Williams
    October 16, 2020

    It’s a joy to be able to give a child/children a forever family. And a forever home. How ever I adopted 2 boys in 1990. The aren’t blood siblings. But was raised and adopted by my self and my husband. That was the best choice I ever made. Both boys was born positive to drugs,from their birth mom. It was a journey to rise them but a successful journey. Until adulthood. The boy that was born with physical and mental challenges, is the most outstanding child, He works at Emory Midtown Hospital. Have been employed now for 13 years. Well known and well appreciated. On his job. The next boy whom I thought would be my protector my hero. That has a high IQ. Is the one whom took another route. Turned to drugs and alcohol. Very unappreciative. Very disrespectful. But I still checked on him time to time. He hates me now because at 32 years old he still wants to live in my home. No. I’m still fostering trying to give another child/ children a forever home and a forever family. Although here in Georgia it’s a little more difficult though the process. I’m from New York where the state laws are different in a positive way. I now have a sibling group of 5 .I’ve had them for 5 years. They are from Africa except the last two. Their families are from Congo. They are refugees. I love my sibling group of 5 . There are 3 more to this sibling group. That’s placed separately. All 8 kids are in care. The oldest that’s placed with me is deaf and non verbal. The youngest that’s not placed with me has a g-tube placed in his stomach being fed by a tube. This story go on and on. I offered to help their single mom. But she wants to come aboard with family and friends. I can’t allow that. My job is to keep these kids safe. Just to let you know kids from Africa is very intelligent. All of my five is A plus students.

  • Marie Cagle
    October 16, 2020

    Beautiful Justin..Coming Straight From The Heart ❤️! Can’t Get No Better That! 🙏🏽 ❤️

  • Caroline Kangwa
    October 16, 2020

    What a great father you are! Your family radiates with joy. The girls appear happy and well taken care of. You are their dad. You have loved them from birth and have raised them since then. May the good Lord continue guiding and protecting you from all harm, you and your household. May you stay blessed and safe. Love y’all!❤

  • MELVA Brewer
    October 17, 2020

    You are a good man, my husband is deceased and all of my kids are grown but he adopted my two oldest kids and they became our kids alone with the two we birth together . I admire you and you are their Father . God Bless ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cedar
    October 28, 2020

    God bless you for been their father you are doing a great job #continue❤️💚💜💙💛

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