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Ami McClure in interview with BET

BET asked us how we stay a family

Recently BET came to our house for a family interview. They wanted to know how we, the McClure Family, became and stay a family. We feel the interview came out well and want to share it with our fans and followers. Recently some untrue information has surfaced about us and it felt nice to share the true and inspirational story of our family.

Ami McClure in interview with BET

Ami McClure in interview with BET

The interview touched on many subjects: Justin’s controversial tweets from years ago, Ami’s past, and the adoption of the McClure Twins (Ava and Alexis). We were able to talk candidly about our lives and share our experiences. As many of you know, people began digging into our past and learned Ami was previously married while Justin was living in New York City. How can this be possible? As many know, it’s because Ami was previously married and from that relationship she delivered Ava and Alexis. After divorcing, she then met Justin when the girls were a little more than one-year old. Justin fell in love with the girls and then proceeded to aggressively adopt Ava and Alexis (to protect their lives and happiness).

Justin and Ami McClure being interviewed by BET Magazine

Justin and Ami McClure being interviewed by BET Magazine

This post is not about the adoption, however we will share more of that story because it’s inspirational and beautiful. Our story is a story of triumph, two people coming together at the right time to become a family. We never set out to have an interracial relationship, it just happened that way. The truth is that I (Justin McClure) never thought I wanted to be a husband, much less a father to kids I didn’t bring into the world! But here I am, happy and grateful!

Justin McClure discussing the McClure Twins adoption

We aren’t together because we’re interracial, but because we love each other, and a confluence of events needed to happen for us to slow down enough to emotionally fall in love. Having adopted kids, it’s important for them to know who they are; this matters in a sense of race as well. Ava, Alexis, and Jersey are biracial, however I’m the natural father of Jersey, but not the biological father to Ava and Alexis. We’ve told them they are adopted, this discussion happened almost two years ago, but they do not understand the concept of race. And this is fine, they don’t need to understand race and ethnicity (at this age). They are happy kids with a Mom and Dad who love them; race has nothing to do with this.

Anyhow, we hope you enjoy this discussion about our family. Please post in the forum, subscribe to this site, and let us know if you have any additional questions. Since everyone knows our full story, we plan on sharing more in hopes to inspire other people. Thanks for listening — or reading. LOL.





  • SisterChili6
    October 21, 2019

    Justin your family is so beautiful. I admire you & Ami’s relationship is amazing. I love watching all the shows. Thanks for sharing your beautiful wife & kids to us.

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