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How to Dress for Maternity

Pregnancy brings many worries. From being worried about how to keep your body healthy during the whole process, to how to look good with a baby bump. One of the first things that strike a mother-to-be is what she is going to wear for the upcoming nine months. Pregnancy comes with the dreadful apprehension of giving up personal style. Yes, during pregnancy the body goes through an incessant cycle of changes. But today we have so many maternity options available that looking trendy with the baby bump is just some colorful choices away.

Whether you are curvy or you have the petite body type, I, Ami McClure have the experience of being a mother of three and will guide you on how to dress your cute baby bump and be gorgeous at the same time. Many of you may have envisioned yourself that you would wear cute and tight dresses that would embrace the baby bump. But, throughout my maternity journey, I have come to realize one very important aspect of being pregnant: comfort. There should not be any compromise on comfort as wearing a very tight dress may hamper your health condition and the health of your baby. The realities of maternity are very far from their fantasies. I will tell you how you can look stylish and trendy and feel good inside at the same time!

All about comfort

Invest in a good pair of leggings or pants that fit loose at the waistline. Elastic should not be so tight that it restricts blood flow to the stomach. Fashion is important, but not more than the health of your baby.

Curvy or skinny, flaunt the bump

Some people are naturally overweight. Some gain weight not just in the belly, but they swell up everywhere. No matter if you are tall or you feel bigger than your usual self, finding properly fitting clothes should not become an area for conflict. Soft fabrics will be the most suitable option here. Skinny jeans and graphically designed pants are good options to experiment with. Don’t be afraid of taking risks. It may turn out to be super fun!

Long term investment

Try to be practical in terms of buying dresses. If you buy maternity-exclusive clothes only, these clothes will be useless to you after the baby is born. Try shopping for regular dresses. Just be mindful of buying dresses in larger sizes. Don’t go with clothes with a defined waistline. These dresses will fit you during your trimester and fit loosely post-pregnancy. That won’t be too bad if you live in the tropical regions where summers are typically hot. Dramatic dresses are only suitable to wear to special occasions and might be impractical investments. Better stick with simple dresses with neutral solid colors. Thus, you can buy non-maternity clothes and pull it off with the growing bump.

Different baby stages mean different clothes

You should pick up dresses according to your pregnancy type. If you are carrying your baby low, soft clothing with a soft waistline will be more comfortable. However, if someone is carrying high, clothes that demarcate the breasts and bump with high belts or ties will fit just right. Being pregnant does not mean that you have to give up on your favorite clothing.

Maternity pants

There are special maternity pants designed specifically for the would-be mother. These pants come with an elastic waistband, so there’s no need to worry about the fitment. These are available in many department stores. Stay away from anything that comes with a zipper or buttons.

Shoes and comfort

Shoes affect our overall health profile in more ways than people realize. As your pregnancy days increase, you begin to carry more fluids and blood. Your ankles and feet may get swollen because of it. Avoid high heels at all costs. Flat shoes are recommended. Additionally, you should buy shoes with some extra room as your swollen feet may require some extra space for proper blood flow.

A good quality bra is just as important

You will notice changes in your breasts. Around six to eight weeks, your breasts will keep on getting bigger, and they will keep developing. So, if you have not invested in good bras already, this is the time for you. Maternity and nursing bras are the best choices during this stage and post-pregnancy too. Cotton bras with good back support are also a good choice.

Remember that these obstacles should not stop you from looking good. We believe that you can look your best even during pregnancy. Above all, if you think that you look good and feel comfortable, go for it!

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