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How to Prepare for a Pregnancy

Your joy knows no bounds when you get the good news of becoming parents. You feel you have been blessed with all the happiness under the sun. And why wouldn’t you? It’s something to celebrate since you have been blessed by this beautiful bundle of joy. The feeling of being a mother for the first time is wonderful!

However, before you get to enjoy these beautiful moments in your life, you must plan your pregnancy properly. And this means a lot of things. You need to know what to do, what not to do, and when. This is a lot of responsibility! Now, before you get freaked out, planning for pregnancy is totally manageable. In fact, if you are excited about becoming a parent, you will only learn to enjoy the process just like the McClures have!

So to help you, we have provided you with some tips and tricks to get your pregnancy off on the right track!

Schedule A Medical Checkup

It is important that you and your partner schedule a medical checkup with your physician. This is one serious step in the whole procedure. It is meant to find out the history of diseases in your family lineages. This will help the physician warn you so that you can take important preventive measures that can help your baby and even save his or her life. Problems such as high cholesterol, cardiac disorders, and diabetes can be a serious cause of concern for to-be-parents. It’s better that you know the risks so that you can plan accordingly.

Take Stock Of Your Medicines

Open your medicine cabinet and take stock of all the medicines you have in there. Make a list of medicines that you consume often. This includes medicines such as tablets for headache on a hectic workday or in some cases psychiatric medications or weight loss tablets. Consult your gynecologist and tell him/her whatever medications you are on or take frequently. They will advise you which ones are safe and which ones could be harmful. Dispose of medications that have been ‘blacklisted’, and replace them with safe alternatives.

When To Stop Contraceptives

Ask your gynecologist when to stop taking those contraceptive pills or stop other forms of contraception so that you can successfully conceive. You should also share with your gynecologist details such as your menstruation cycle so that they can advise you how and when to conceive. Your gynecologist can help you successfully plan for your pregnancy!

Relax Often

As a mother, you need to relax more often than before. This includes lying on a comfortable surface such as a couch or your bed and listening to calm music. You can also meditate so that you can learn to keep your mind calm and free of stress. Always remember that a stress-free mind makes a healthy baby. Relaxing does not merely mean that you have to relax on your couch and watch TV all day long. Relaxing is an art and you need to learn it before you finally get pregnant. Learn various relaxation techniques such as Zen meditation and Yoga.

Cut Out The Junk Food

Junk food can prove to be very harmful to your health and thus the health of your child. Excessive fat in the body and sugar in your bloodstream can affect the development of your child. Eat healthy foods instead! This doesn’t mean that you have to buy all that flashy, organic food in your grocery store. It can be an expensive affair, and we know that very well. All we are suggesting is that you eat more veggies in your diet such as carrots, cabbage, aubergines, and (most importantly) protein-rich veggies such as spinach. You should also include fruits in your diet that are rich in vitamins.

Say No To Alcohol

Alcohol can be a REAL DANGER to your child. Repeated studies have proven that women who have consumed alcohol during pregnancy had children with a type of deformity. Although we are talking about the time before you get pregnant, it is better to cut it out before you finally start having a bump. This will wean you off the alcohol at the right time.

The McClure Twins are a wonderful example of what a planned pregnancy can bring you. Remember, that you are going to be a mother, so it’s important to start healthy habits now and prepare for your pregnancy!


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