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How We Stay Healthy // Balance is the Key

It can be difficult

One of the problems that we face as a busy family of five, is finding practical ways to eat healthy foods and maintain active lifestyles. As you know, Ami and I workout every day, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem like enough if we don’t take the next step and make healthy decisions with our food. But as I am sure you are aware, eating right takes time, energy, and will power. But how do we juggle all of that with our hectic lifestyle? 

RV Life taught us well

About a month ago we posted a video about what we ate in a day on the RV. [For those of you who are new, you can find a blog about our RV journey here and the RV series here. In that video, we took you through a typical day of eating while we were traveling. Usually, while you are on vacation, you eat out and try the local food wherever you end up. It’s a part of the experience. But, we decided since we were traveling across multiple states that we wanted to be smart about how we ate. We prepared and packed all of the food that we would need for the whole trip on the RV and didn’t eat out once. 

Our whole family had well-balanced meals every day of the trip without eating out. This not only saved us money but allowed us to make healthier decisions when it came to what we fed ourselves and our kids. We skipped the temptation to eat super unhealthy foods on the road. To see more of how we accomplished this, watch the video here.

Our priority as parents is health first

We put the same practices in our daily lives although we do have more options when we are at home. Our goal as parents is to make sure that our kids stay healthy and safe and that includes providing them with the best nutrition and plenty of opportunities to get out, exercise, and play. Sure, we allow them to have treats every now and then, life would be boring if we only ate protein and vegetables, but health comes first. 

Lead by example

Ami and I also strive to better ourselves daily. As I mentioned, we both work out daily. I kickbox and weight lift. Ami practices Pilates and total body kettlebell circuits. We also know that we can’t always get the nutrients that we need from our regular diets. So, I have been using Vital Proteins for a long time. I use their collagen products for my skin and they also have protein products that I use before and after workouts. These small steps that we are taking are allowing us to get healthier and make sure that we can enjoy our lives to the fullest. 

How do you stay healthy? Do you find it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle? What about health do you struggle the most with? We want to hear from you! Also, feel free to leave your questions, we may just do a Q&A one of these days. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for more content from our whole family. Also, if you aren’t subscribed to our newsletter, you are missing out on some exclusive content!


  • spool
    October 7, 2020

    I work out myself my family an I have a blast working out to c who is better at it I love it ❤️

  • Joshua
    October 10, 2020

    Hello McClure Fam! Love Your Videos! I went On Your Facebook Page And Your Youtube Channels And I Hopefully Did Subscribe to your channels. Love To Hear from You all!

    • Joshua
      October 10, 2020

      The McClure Family Has Much Cool Entertaining Videos For Me and I Know They Will Succeed In There Next video

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