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Jersey discovered his teeth!

This weekend the girls are staying with their Nana in central New Jersey which leaves Ami and I (Justin) alone with big Jers (Jersey). It’s been amazing watching Jersey reach new milestones. He’s eight months old so every week it seems that he discovers something new. If you missed the video where we talked about Jersey’s teeth coming in, you can watch it here:

In this video, Ami pointed out the teeth Jersey has coming in. Sometimes they bother him, but for the most part he never whines; he’s a great baby. Right now Jersey has two teeth coming in the bottom, they look adorable. LOL.

Jersey showing his teeth

So, this morning Jersey is playing and grunting, his favorite things to do, and we witness him doing something strange with his tongue. Jersey is full of noises and grunts, so we expect him to do silly things, but this was something we’ve never seen before. After laughing for a few minutes because what he does is always funny, we start to wonder what he’s trying to achieve with this mouth tongue twist.

Then we realize he’s playing with his teeth! Baby Jersey discovered his teeth, lol, and he’s using his tongue to feel the texture. The funny thing was his face as he rolled his tongue around and around his teeth (only two of them) and lips.

Jersey’s teeth roll

I immediately got my video camera out and shot some footage, which is where this gif was captured. I’m glad I got the camera, because he kept doing this tooth-roll for 10 minutes or so…laughing the entire time.

His favorite TV show is coming on!

Of course later he became disinterested and watched his favorite show, True. When the song comes in, he dances, and as you see in this picture, has to get closer.

Jersey watching his favorite show, “True”

I think Jersey missed his sisters as he kept looking around for them and when they called (via Facetime) he was very happy and started laughing for no reason. It’s hilarious when Jersey sees his sisters, because immediately he gets a big grin on his face and does this swirling motion with his arms like he’s washing windows very fast.

Of course after a long days “work” Jersey needs a nap. He’s beat, exhausted, but we’ll make sure to give more updates on his teeth.

Baby needs a nap!

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