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Jersey Said a Bad Word // Parenting Isn’t Easy

Yes, Justin, you did.

Sometimes, We Don’t Get it Right

Do you ever have those parenting moments when you just look at your child and think about that famous Steve Urkel line?

Jersey Really Likes that Song

Yeah well, we had one of those moments when Jersey revealed that he knew ALL the words to that DNCE hit “Cake by the Ocean.” and we don’t mean the radio version. Juice man was dancing and singing and it caught me so off guard that I hear a very grown-up word come out of his mouth that it took me a few moments to process it. He’s three. Jersey shouldn’t know that word at all and honestly, I knew there was only one way he would have heard the explicit version of that song: Riding in the car with Justin. 


If you haven’t noticed that our kids love music and dancing, then you either haven’t followed us for a full week yet or, you aren’t paying attention. We have constant dance parties and even while we are in the car, they love to blast music and sing and dance as best they can in their seats. Admittedly, Jersey listens to a lot of “older” music – in the sense that it’s not specifically music for kids- and that’s probably because that’s what his sisters listen to. Jersey wants to do what his sisters do, even if those things are a little mature for a three-year-old.

Of course, usually, we don’t allow our kids to listen to explicit songs and we certainly don’t intentionally expose them to things that we deem too mature. But, sometimes we mess up. So, Justin accidentally played the wrong version of a song…what’s the big deal? Really? This isn’t a big deal, but it did make me more aware that we do need to be a tad bit more careful about what we expose our kids to. Evidently, Jersey is far more perceptive than we anticipated at this stage in life. Justin didn’t even think he would register it and we were definitely wrong. 

Does He Still Sing the Bad Word?

Correcting the issue was relatively easy, we just decided to sing the clean version and not bring attention to the curse word and hope that he has forgotten it. To this point, thankfully, he has. You can watch the interaction here and you will even get a look at Jersey’s new portrait! 

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our very grown boy is only three years old. In fact, the reason we caught on to the word is that he speaks so clearly and we rarely have issues understanding him. He is big and smart and we have, on more than one occasion, had to remind ourselves that he may not be ready for some of the things that his sisters are doing. 

What Would You Do?

Have you ever had an instance where your kid says something that they shouldn’t? Was it intentional or completely innocent? How did you correct that situation? Please let us know how you dealt with it in the comments! 

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