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Jersey Wants New Sisters!

Jersey Met Bliss & Blythe

Well, the girls had their first sleepover and of course, they loved it. However, one of the biggest surprises from the weekend was Jersey. Our shy and quiet Main Man had the time of his life playing with Bliss and Blithe. We have never seen Jersey so comfortable with other people and it really got us wondering what was different this time. 

Sleepovers At the McClure’s Cannot Be Beat!

As you can imagine, the sleepover was full of rainbows, sparkles, and unicorns. Imani went all out for this event and the kids loved it. Jersey was there almost every stage of the party – which, again thanks to Imani, had an itinerary. He just wanted to be a part of the fun and if you know Jersey at all, you know he is usually the last one to participate and draw any attention to himself. So, we figured that we would ask him about it. 

Jersey Saw An Opportunity For Change…

Apparently, according to Jersey, Bliss and Blithe were now his best friends and Ava and Alexis weren’t needed any more. In fact, he wanted Bliss and Blithe to stay forever and for his sisters to be given away. How very brotherly of him. But it really got me thinking about why he would want to swap out his sisters and how we, his parents, had fallen so far down his “list.” Jersey usually says that Justin is his best friend without hesitation. But as soon as those girls walked in, he wanted to be their new BFF. 

I Think I Cracked the Code.

I think it boils down to the fact that Bliss and Blithe are so similar to his own sisters that he feels comfortable around them. They look and act like he expects older kids to because that’s what he knows. Because of the pandemic, we decided to homeschool our kids and Jersey hasn’t really had the opportunity that his sisters did to socialize with kids his own age. We have taken him to gymnastics, but for the most part, all of the places that we would take him to play with kids his own age, are closed down now or not practical to participate in because of social distancing. 

Our Little Introvert Likes to Be Comfortable

Jersey has reached the age where he is able to communicate for himself and in a normal time, he would be in preschool, but right now, it means homeschooling with his older sisters. So, when we put him in situations where he is around other people, he tends to be more reserved and bashful, unless he feels comfortable. Bliss and Blithe are comfortable because he feels at ease around his sisters. And no wonder that he wants to swap out the twins, as kids most of us would do anything to get rid of our siblings. Jersey just happened to find another set of twins that he thinks is more fun than Ava and Alexis. Unlucky for him, I’m not going to let that happen. 

What Do You Think?

How do your kids interact with other children? What do you think about Jersey’s interaction with Bliss and Blithe? Did you want to replace your siblings when you were a kid? Let us know in the comments and don’t miss the video we posted about the situation here. You can also watch a whole video about the girls’ sleepover here

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