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Let’s talk about Ace // Puppy Potty Training

You guys wanted more Ace content, so here’s the deal about training…

Ok, so I know that we just did a blog about Ace, but the little dude is a part of the family now and this is where we talk about our family. Ace has been with us for a few weeks now and let me tell you that little cuddly pup is so cute and so hard to train. Because let’s be real here: we are training both a dog and our children. 

Before you get all defensive, here’s the deal. We are trying to teach our kids responsibility with the dog. [Eventualy dogs- Zuri is coming soon!] They are in charge of walking Ace and making sure he has food and water. Of course, we supervise and step in when needed.

Responsibility is SO important to learn while young!

We aren’t going to let Ace get neglected. But, this is a tale as old as time: we got the dog in part to teach our kids how to take care of another living being. Usually, the parents end up with all the responsibility, but not this time! Justin and I are determined! With both the puppies and the business, we want to know that our kids know how to work for what they want- while still being kids. 

We understand that Jersey is a little young to have full responsibility, but Ava and Alexis are definitely playing a role in Ace’s care. 

Some of you were very worried about Juice-Man.

Speaking of Jersey, he is finally getting used to having a dog around and it looks like he’ll be a dog-fan in no time! He is already calling Ace his “Little Buddy” and it’s adorable. We couldn’t be happier with the progress that little man is making. 

Potty training has been a little difficult, to say the least. Ace seems to take a step forward and then immediately regress. It’s a process, but one we wish would hurry up. I am a little tired of having to clean up all the little messes. 

We weren’t ready for potty training again…

We put in a little bit of a misleading title on our latest Ace video -which you can watch here] to let you know how we were feeling about Ace. No, we aren’t going to get rid of him. But to be honest, we kind of forgot how long the process of potty training a dog is. 

I mean we finally are getting somewhere with Jersey and now we have a dog to train. My mom-brain just wants to put diapers on the little dude and move on. I am obviously not going to do that…but it has crossed my sleep-deprived brain while cleaning up dog poop in the middle of the night.

Tell us about your Puppy Training Experience!

Have you had to potty-train a puppy? What did you do? What was the best and worst advice that you received? How long did it take you? Please let me know in the comments! 

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