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Managing a Large Family

Having a family of four or more isn’t an easy task to manage properly. Without proper planning, it can get out of hand fast. Some people love to have large families. Some become pros at managing all the household chores like a juggler. People, especially those who were brought up in large families, only know the magic of living in a large family. They learn to treasure the relationships they have with their siblings. Some people have a large family because they have adopted or because of many marriages. According to researches, families with more than four children are the happiest. The more the merrier! But having a large family brings additional challenges at the same time, no matter how rewarding it is. Now, let us focus on the key skills that parents of a large family should have to function properly and be happy.

Organization is everything

In the initial days, you won’t realize how much time is getting wasted because of miscommunication and mismanagement. These are to blame, and they arise from a sheer lack of organizational skills. More children mean more work. One of your children may have an exam tomorrow, another one has a music class, and you have to make dinner for the family. A situation like this is sure to make you rethink your decisions. But do not fear! Be rest assured that with time, you will learn too. Managing a large family requires special skills nonetheless. Unnecessary busy nights may happen out of pure mismanagement. There is nothing called a foolproof plan to assure you that the day will go perfectly without any complications. But having a plan and organizing things accordingly will at least make sure that if uncontrollable circumstances emerge, you can take action knowing that you’re prepared and jump to your feet again the next day.

Having a large family calendar with everyone’s schedules on it will be very helpful. Check the calendar regularly, and you can take precautionary measures in advance if the next day is going to be more eventful than previous. Keep a magnetic whiteboard if necessary. Write exclusive instructions daily for each of your children and award them accordingly for following the instruction. Building up such habits among your children will make them conditioned to follow the instruction, thus helping you keep your house organized.

There should be fixed places for things like keys, necessary documentation, gadgets, clothing, assignments, and other kinds of stuff. If things are kept in such an organized fashion, you surely will save a lot of time. Make a central location for things you use frequently and are of high importance.

Share responsibility

Keeping the household together isn’t just your job. Other members need to pitch in whenever necessary. It is everyone’s responsibility. Make a chart and write down what chore each person is supposed to do for that specific day. Children usually like to help their parents in doing chores when rewarded properly. Try to wrap up some fun activities along with the chores, and the children will be more willing to help you. In some cases, you need to become strict to maintain order and manage the household.

Make time for your spouse

Managing a large household will drain you of your resources, energy, and time. Your children fill your heart with love but you need to leave yourself some free time. Make it a priority to get some personal time out of your busy schedules. If you can’t go outside for a dinner date or a movie night out because duty calls, arranging a dinner night exclusively at home can also be a great idea. Get a nanny and let her take care of your children for a while, and you too can enjoy the quiet of an hour or two of the movie in a different room away from everything. Grandparents can help you out as well with either their advice or by letting the children stay with them. Yes, they will love that too. Meanwhile, you two can go out and explore even if it’s for a couple of days. When you have a bustling family, a few days of quiet will be rewarding for you and help you recharge yourself to take the upcoming challenges head-on.

Don’t forget about yourself

Get some alone time if you need it. Everyone needs to be alone at some point to think or just relax. Don’t push yourself too much. You need to have a break once in a while as well!

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