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McClure Twins really want to meet Katy Perry

“Katy Perry, do you have a computer or phone so you can watch our videos? We’re nice, ok. We’re Ava and Alexis, and we make videos on Facebook and YouTube. Ok bye.”

McClure Twins at grand opening of Candytopia in New York City

In a truly organic moment at Candytopia the twins expressed strong interest in meeting Katy Perry. They wondered if Katy Perry watches their videos “on Facebook or YouTube”? lol. This happened at the grand opening of Candytopia in New York City (a place for tourists). We had visited Candytopia in Los Angeles, and were delighted to venture into the new facility in NYC.


Jersey trying to figure out Candytopia

If you aren’t familiar with Candytopia, it’s a large warehouse with various rooms that have exhibits made from candy. EVERYTHING is made from candy. This is great if you’re five. As mentioned, they just opened this New York City location and invited the McClure family to the premiere opening.

Please tell Mama McClure to keep her feet on the ground

Within one of the exhibits stands a Katy Perry wax figure. This is where the magic happened. The twins saw the wax figure of Katy Perry, initially thought she was a ballerina. Mama McClure articulated that Katy Perry is a singer, and the girls proceeded to interrogate the whereabouts and existence of Katy Perry. Lol

Katy Perry, the McClure Twins really want to meet you

Alexis began the banter by wanting to know where Katy Perry lives. Probably in California explains Mama, and Ava asked, “can we go meet her?”. This is when Mama asked the camera if Katy Perry has interest in meeting the McClure Twins,

“Katy Perry, Ava and Alexis would like to meet you – let us know if you’re interested.”

It was completely adorable, and this is part of the fun of being a child and raising children: their innocence about the world and how accessible people are. The conversation got a bit morbid when Alexis asked, “Did Katy Perry die?”, but that makes sense if you’re a five year old looking at a frozen wax figure.

“Is Katy Perry alive, why isn’t she moving? Can we meet her?” says Alexis McClure

The big question that Ava and Alexis want to know is if Katy Perry knows them. “Katy Perry, do you know us? Do you watch our videos?” lol. Obviously, this cracks up Mom and Dad.

“Does she have our videos on her phone?”, said Ava.

We have to find out if Katy Perry knows about the McClure Twins. If not, does she want to know? Please spread the word! Lol

Getting pushed in the marshmallow pit at Candytopia

And sorry, Katy, that the girls thought you were dead. Mama McClure assured Ava and Alexis that you are alive and well, very talented, and probably too busy to see our videos. But if you want to see the video, it’s below.

The Katy Perry portion of the video starts at 2:29…

What celebrity would YOU like to meet?

Let us know in the comments.


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