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The McClure Family in the News

Kid influencers: Few rules, big money

How Kids Turn Into Influencers

Being a social media influencer is now considered one of the most popular career aspirations for millennials and Gen Z. But experts warn that regulations need to be put in place as younger and younger influencers share their lives on camera. This episode of CBSN Originals looks at the lives of three families whose kids are popular influencers on social media, while exploring some of the dangers implicit in the “kidfluencer” industry.

YouTube Fame’s Highs and Lows—One Family’s Experience

``A year after controversies, the McClure family thrives on social media``

Why would regular people choose to make their lives public on social media? And for those who have found fame, what are their lives like?

To find out, I got in touch with the McClures of New Jersey, aka the “McClure Twins Family,” who catapulted to YouTube stardom three years ago, then soon discovered the downside of internet fame. They’re not the Kardashians, but they’re recognizable enough to attract selfie-seeking fans at amusement parks, as well as detractors who have combed through their pasts.

Meet The McClures, The Real 'Modern Family'

``We want `{`Ava and Alexis`}` to be beautiful and funny, but use their influence to make their world, hopefully, a little bit better.``

September 7, 2018 – 12:00 pm by 

Minutes after watching their guests for the day park on the curb of a picturesque New Jersey abode, a set of smiling faces come to the door. The cheerful hosts, lively five-year-old twin girls, chat about the clattering change in their rainbow-colored rubber wallets and shower their visitors with salutations. Shortly after admiring their father’s production room and fan-created art of their family of five, the identical twin cuties lead a photoshoot in their living room. In true twin fashion, they own matching pink Instax Mini Polaroid cameras.

Ami McClure speaks out about why she waited to tell the truth about the McClure twins' father

``I can only hold true responsibility for my family.``

Ami McClure as told to Elena Sheppard | Yahoo Lifestyle

Ami McClure is best known as the mom to the McClure twins, Ava and Alexis. The twins have 1.5 million Instagram followers and over 1 million YouTube subscribers, and they were named among the top 10 kid influencers by Forbes. Ami and her husband, Justin, also have an infant son, Jersey. Earlier this year, it became public knowledge that Justin was not the twins’ biological father. In an essay exclusively for Yahoo Lifestyle, Ami shares why the family held off on sharing that information with the public, and what it’s like to be the mom of two of Instagram’s biggest child stars.

Forbes Top Influencers

``Meet The Kids Making Millions Reviewing Toys, Rapping And More``


When it comes to online influence, there are few prerequisites: the appeal of a YouTuber or Instagram sensation can be tough to quantify. Well, for the members of Forbes’ first list of Top Kid Influencers, it’s apparent that a social media star needn’t be able to read, write, or cross the street on their own.

The Always Adorable McClure Twins Make Their Fashion Week Debut


Fashion Week just got the McClure twin treatment and adorable doesn’t even begin to explain their runway modeling debut.

Ava and Alexis, the internet famous twins who gained popularity when a video of them realizing they were twins went viral, strutted down the runway like true professionals.

The twins rocked matching purple velour sweatsuits with pink accessories while walking for Air Jordan at the Rookie USA collection presented during New York Fashion Week.

The Adorable 3-Year-Old McClure Twins Appear Live on 'GMA'

``3 years old taking the internet by storm``

Posted 3:43 | 12/01/16

Transcript: “Girls, have you all seen the Mcclure Girls? They are adorable. 3 years old taking the internet by storm because they’re identical twins and their lovely mom interviews them and here’s a little bit of what you see online about them. She’s just one minute older. One minute older. I’m just one minute older. Ah. She’s trying to give you a hug, Lexi. Trying to make you feel better. I wanna grow. Look at her face, Ava. Does she look like your face. Yes. That means you’re twins. Who is your best friend? My sister. Who is your best friend, Lexi? Ava. Ava, why is she your best friend?”

WATCH: N.J. twin girls, budding YouTube stars, have adorable 'meltdowns'

``Twins Realize They Look the Same!``

Posted Oct 28, 2016

They may be only 3 years old, but the McClure twins of West Orange are no strangers to YouTube.

Sisters Alexis and Ava are the stars of their family channel/vlog,, which boasts 6,820 subscribers and has claimed 53,382 views, while their Instagram page, @mccluretwins, has more than 66,000 followers.

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