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Raising Siblings // Parenting Strategy

Having Siblings is An Adventure!

Attention all only-children! This is your chance to get some insight into what it’s like to raise multiple children. All of you from multi-kid households, you may already have an inkling about how this blog is going to go, but if you hang out for a while, you will get some laughs. Sibling relationships are odd, to say the least. 

You can fully love your sibling while at the same moment, wish they would find somewhere else to live. They can be your best friends one moment and public enemy number one the next. And for our McClure Kids, there is no exception. 

Last Week on Twin Challenges…

The twins had a “Who knows Ava better” challenge last week between Alexis and Jersey. The prize was marshmallows and to no one’s surprise, Ava declared everyone a winner so they all could get marshmallows. To watch this experiment, you can find the twins’ video here.

Ami and I both have siblings so we have plenty of experience between the two of us on how to deal with siblings. But truthfully, all of the sibling rivalries in the world, could not have prepared us for raising three very independent little ones.

They aren’t difficult children, you know that if you have been with our family for any length of time. But, sometimes they just get to a point where they want their space, which is fine, but they may not know how to express that at the moment and lash out at whoever is closest. 

Experience is the Best Tool We Have.

Really all that experience that Ami and I have just helped us help them understand how they are feeling. We can then turn around and use that knowledge to help them work through how they are feeling and why their brother or sister is driving them nuts.

No, we don’t always have a solution and sometimes one of our kids is just being mean to the others, but most of the time, if you can get your kids to talk to each other, you will find a peaceful resolution. 

Ok, maybe a pause on the fighting at best. I mean, I still bicker with my sister on occasion. 

Don’t Worry, Our Kids Really Do Love Their Siblings!

Our kids truly love each other and love spending time together. Ava and Alexis have a bond that I’m fairly certain only twins can achieve and despite his apparent lack of tolerance for his sisters’ shenanigans, Jersey is attached to them. I am so grateful for their relationship and I can only hope that it grows stronger as they get older. 

Tell Us Your Story!

Do you have siblings? Are you raising siblings? What is your favorite memory with your brother or sister? We want to know your experiences and how they influenced your parenting style! Drop a comment and let us know! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We also have a newsletter that has all sorts of updates and exclusive content! 

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