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Rehoming Zuri // Tough Decisions Had to be Made.

Decisions Can Be Difficult to Make

We make decisions every day. Some are insignificant like choosing to wear boots instead of sneakers. Other decisions have more serious consequences like deciding to text and drive. Sometimes, those decisions that we make, affect more than just ourselves. This is one of the most important things that we strive to teach our children. One of our recent decisions was to adopt a second dog, Zuri. 

In Case You Missed It…

We adopted Zuri from what seemed to be a good organization and paid for additional training so that when she was brought home to us, she would be house trained and able to follow simple commands. Unfortunately, when she arrived, it was as if she hadn’t been trained at all, and our other pup, Ace, already had a firm grasp on commands and wasn’t making messes in the house. If this was a simple matter of training Zuri, it wouldn’t have been an issue. Whatever she was exposed before we got her, made her nearly impossible to train and Ami was getting up all night every night to take her out and clean up the constant messes. 

We Had to Examine Our Mistake.

As you are all aware, we are extremely busy people and we thought we would be able to handle the two dogs, but we were wrong. Eventually, we realized that she was going to have to be rehomed so that she could get the proper training and attention that she needs. We wanted her to be in the right environment for her and for her to have a good, healthy life. We had to admit that she probably wasn’t going to be able to live her best life with us. 

The Discussions with Our Children.

We had to talk to the kids and see how they felt about this situation before we made any final decisions. The girls understood perfectly. As you can see in our most recent video, they thought Zuri was a good girl, but that she wasn’t learning from her training. At seven-years-old, we were pretty impressed that they recognized that we couldn’t have met all of her needs. Jersey on the other hand didn’t care. This didn’t surprise us one bit. The boy doesn’t like dogs and he just has warmed up to Ace enough to like him, but he wasn’t attached to Zuri. 

Finding a Solution!

Once we discussed with the kids, we knew we had to find a home for Zuri that we knew would take care of her. We didn’t want to return her from the place she came from and we didn’t want to surrender her to the humane society either. Fortunately for us, we didn’t have to look far for a new home for Zuri. We have introduced Joseph, our handyman on our channel before. He is a hardworking guy who helps us with projects around our house and we know him to be responsible and trustworthy. When Jo heard that we were looking to rehome Zuri, he asked if he could take her. After having a long conversation with him to ensure that the best decision was being made, at the end of the day, Zuri went home to be with her new family. 

Making the Best Decision for Our Family and Zuri

We know that a lot of you disagree with our decision to rehome Zuri, but if you look at the big picture here, our decision to keep her wouldn’t have been good for us or her. She deserves a place where she could thrive and we just couldn’t give it to her and it would be irresponsible for us to ignore her needs. At the end of the day, this was the best solution to the issues at hand. 

What would you do in this situation? Would you have a discussion with your kids? Would you return them to the breeder? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment below and tell us your story! 

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