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Routine Roulette: Shaking up the Bedtime Routine

Let’s be honest, when we were kids, bedtime was the WORST part of the day. We were forced to go through the nightly ritual that our parents ingrained us: brush your teeth, take your vitamins, clean up your toys, say goodnight to everyone, and most importantly, don’t argue with your parents about going to bed. Now, as adults, most days we are looking forward to the time when we can turn off our brains and sleep. As parents, we also look forward to our kids’ bedtime so we can relax and just be adults for a little while before we finally drift off to La La Land.

Major Meltdown

This past week, much to Jersey’s dismay, we decided to change up part of his nighttime routine. Typically before bed, we would give Jersey a night time bottle of milk, but lately, all that has done is increase the number of bed-wetting incidents. So, we are trying this new “big boy” routine, where we send him to bed sans-milk. Ultimately, this has not gone super well. Every night, we explain to Jersey that we don’t get milk before bed because he’s a big boy now and it goes well until we finish playtime and take him to his room for sleep.

All of the sudden, Jersey will need a toy in the crib or he’s scared of his blankets. Every night, it’s something new and in our latest video, you can actually hear him screaming “HELP ME! HELP ME!”

It’s like he hates change or something. He will get used to this and we will get through this together. But right now, it’s just difficult.

Parenting is Hard

In all of this, we are just reminded of how much of a process parenting is. We have to be patient with ourselves, not just our kids. These seemingly small decisions have a huge impact on all of us. We don’t aim to upset our kids, but we want them to be successful and so, making these adjustments, are necessary to help them grow and evolve into their own people. Even with Alexis and Ava’s room makeover, we made those changes to upgrade their living space to help them mature as well. We didn’t just give them a new room, we gave them those teepees so that they could have a private space of their own. These aren’t life-altering decisions, but they are important.

It’s also important to note here that these are the parenting choices that WE made. Yes, we share tips and suggestions, but these aren’t rules for parenting. We are figuring this out one day at a time, just like everyone else.

Moving On…

Jersey will eventually adjust to this new normal and so will we. But for now, we will keep putting on the pj’s, brushing our teeth and telling him that big boys don’t drink milk before bed.

How do you approach changes in routine? Let us know what has worked best for you! If you want to see more of us, go like our Facebook Page and join our McFam Gang for exclusive content! Also, if you want to see the girls prank Justin, check out the video here!

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