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Should parents apologize to their kids when THEY’RE wrong?

Recently we had a chat on our YouTube channel, the McClure ALGORITHM, about apologizing to our kids when we are wrong. As some of you know this channel is about parenting, our relationship (Ami and Justin McClure), and sometimes we get specific and discuss things like interracial marriage, raising biracial kids, our internet influence, etc. The videos on the McClure Algorithim are a sort of therapy for Ami and I to make sure we are communicating as parents. We talk openly and candidly because we want people to know us, but to also discuss in an unfiltered manner to keep it raw and authentic.

McClure Twins making their parents apologize

Now, this video, “Apologize to your kids when you are wrong“, is something we’ve been thinking about in discussions of punishment and general parenting. Ami happened to run across a quote on Instagram that was very fitting, which prompted us to discuss the issue of parents losing their cool with their children.

Mia Ray’s Parenting Advice

Have you ever lost your temper or acted out towards your child?

You can watch the video to get the full conversation, but basically our stance is that we should apologize when we are wrong (which might be often). An example could be raising your voice at your child because we’ve had a bad day. In that scenario, shouldn’t we apologize to our child? Our kids want to please us, they want to see us happy, and they also cannot stand up to us like we stand up to adults. If we don’t say I’m sorry to our kids, this is the same template they will utilize as they grow up. We have to be the example we believe in.

We aren’t perfect parents, nobody is, so we want to make a conscious effort to apologize to Ava, Alexis, and Jersey when we’re wrong. If you watch the video, you’ll see this premise gets hilarious when the McClure Twins hold Mom and Dad accountable for current and past actions.

“Dada if you don’t apologize, we are going to put you in the closet for a hundred-million days!” – Alexis

Ami McClure discussing the importance of apologizing to children when we’re wrong

Much of our dynamic is playfulness, and the twins have an amazing sense of humor because they have freedom of language and thought – we don’t restrict their creativity. However, we do discipline them, and we will Jersey as well, but sometimes we might cross the line, and when we do they deserve an apology. If we make our kids apologize to us, their siblings, then it shouldn’t stop with us as the parents. As parents we need to be held accountable for when we lose our cool or act out of line, because we are training a child in the way they should go. Just because kids are little doesn’t mean they don’t have big observations and big hearts.


“Apologize To Your Kids When You’re Wrong” video

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