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The Importance of Family Dinner.

We have a nightly family tradition…

The best part of our day is dinner. We have a rule in our house that we always eat dinner together as a family. There are very few exceptions and it’s mostly when Justin or I am traveling. It’s become more than a routine for us, it’s become a necessity for our way of life and we want to share with you guys why it is so important to us. 

Quality vs Quantity

We have mentioned before that we spend a crazy amount of time with our kids and for that, we are so grateful, But, sometimes it feels like we don’t get to spend the quality time that we want to with them during the day because of our work schedule. There is a difference between being around your kids all day and actually getting to spend quality time with them. So, we made a decision, as parents, to institute family dinners as a part of our daily routine. 

I do believe that it’s about more than just sitting around a table and talking about the day. I believe that structure in this exercise is incredibly important. So, we created some ground rules for us and our children to follow. 

1. No devices at the table.

You probably are aware that the most distracting things on the planet are our cell phones, tablets, laptops, and anything else with a screen and a speaker. We are, of course, grateful for such devices because we have a platform that works on them, however, they can be the thing that keeps us from connecting with other people. If we put the devices down for an hour, we can focus on getting to know what our kids did during the day without us. We can hear about what they find interesting and what they feel is important. They also know at this point, that they have our undivided attention and they can ask us anything that they want. As parents, we feel this is a healthy habit to get into for everyone in the family.

2. You must share about your day. 

To be fair, we don’t exactly enforce this for Jersey. He’s getting closer to understanding what’s happening, but there is only so much you can force a toddler to do. They are stubborn creatures. However, Ava and Alexis share about their day alongside Justin and me. We want to lead by example, so they will hear about our day too. This is the time when we can talk out some of the frustrations of the day and hear about how the girls are doing in school. We want to know what the kids think about their schooling, not just what their teacher reports. We want to be sure that they see the value in their education and also, that their parents care about it too. 

3. Proper table etiquette must be observed. 

We don’t want our children to be gremlins at the dinner table. We want them to understand how to behave politely at the table and that means that we wait on everyone to eat, we ask to be excused from the table, and we treat dinner time with respect. This may seem a little strict, but we take this time very seriously and our kids should too. 

You need to watch this family video!

Those are the basic rules that we ask them to follow and we did a video on it a few weeks ago. You can watch it here. It is a sponsored video with Johnson’s Kids Haircare and we couldn’t be happier than to work with them on promoting their products which you can buy here. You should be aware at this point that we never agree to sponsorships that we don’t believe in! 

What do you do together as a family?

Do you have any family routines or traditions that you implement so that you can spend time together each day? What do you think about our family dinner rules? If you don’t eat dinner together, why not? Let us know in the comments below! 
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