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The importance of family rules in the home

If house rules aren’t established then house order can never be achieved. As parents we aim to mitigate yelling or raising voices, and a way to achieve this goal is have kids participate in creating house rules. If they (the kids) help make the rules, they are more likely to respect them because they aided in the creation.

The feisty McClure Twins, Ava and Alexis, help make the house rules

We created a video, “New House Rules”, where we sat down with Ava and Alexis to discuss the importance of having rules in the home (Jersey was definitely breaking all house rules. lol). Much of this discussion comes from a desire to treat our kids with respect and dignity, because it’s too easy to reprimand or discipline them when they are wrong. As adults sometimes we take advantage of being older and bigger, but the loving thing (to us) is have our kids be participating members of the house in which they live.

McClure Twins telling Dad, Justin McClure, that he needs to follow the rules too!

Much of the time parents punish a child through yelling, time-out, or other forms of discipline. I’m of the mindset that these methods aren’t productive at all. Yelling at a child only induces fear, it doesn’t open the neurotransmitters to be receptive to the lesson we want to teach. Kids like to “do”, they want to work and help, and when we allow them to cooperate in family decisions they thrive. Their inclusion is a sort of a personal pride where they are more likely to abide.

Much of this is simple, treat people they way you want to be treated. This includes your kids. It’s too easy to yell at my kids, so I don’t, the right thing is to take time, be patient, and allow them to understand the need for rules. After they understand, allow them to help create. Write them on a poster board, hang it up on the way. If the kids disobey one of the rules, it’s easy to pull them aside and say:

“We created these rules didn’t we? You helped make them, so don’t you think it’s a good idea to follow the rules you helped create?”

This gesture is enough to have them think of their actions and they will think of their actions (or we hope so anyhow. LOL.)

Parenting is hard, no doubt, but as our kids grow it’s important for them to feel like participants instead of people we lecture. Listed below are our rules for the house, we could add plenty more, but this is a good start. We want to keep house rules simple and sweet for now, because complicated rules will be hard to understand (for everyone).

House Rules of the McClure Family!

McClure Family House Rules

Be Responsible!

  • Clean up after yourself
  • If you take it out, put it back
  • If you open it, close it
  • If you make a mess clean it up.
  • If you turned it on, turn it off

Be Kind!

  • No hitting or pushing
  • No screaming or yelling
  • If you want to talk to someone, find them, don’t yell throughout the house.

Be Polite!

  • The table is meant for eating. No iPads or electronics. Talk to those at the table.

Be Safe!

  • No Running in the house (you will get hurt).

Be Loving!

  • Say “I love you” every day to members of your family.

These are our house rules, what do you think? The last one, telling your family you love them, is to maintain a loving atmosphere. It’s ok to be mad at someone, but when you’re going to bed tell them you love them. It can go a long ways.

The McClure Twins telling Mom and Dad, Justin and Ami McClure, they need to follow the rules (too)

Here is the video, it was a lot of fun! Watch it from beginning to end. You can also see it on YouTube – also make sure to follow us on whatever social platform you use.

In the video the girls roasted Dad…

“Dada, don’t scream at Mama!”

LOL! It was a lot of fun and we made some rules we can all live by. We hope by including the girls their participation will give motivation to follow they rules they helped create.

Thanks for reading!

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