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The McClure Kids VS Santa Justin

Santa Justin has Officially visited all of the McClure Kids!

I think that we can officially say that it’s Christmas time! We are a week out from Jolly Old Saint Nick’s annual visit and we thought we would do a little compare and contrast of our children’s’ reactions to Santa Justin. We posted a video recently of Jersey’s interaction with Santa, but many of you who are new to the Mighty McClure Nation will have missed the very first visit that Santa Justin made to two very tiny girls in 2017. 

The difference will shock you (maybe). But first, I want to talk about why kids react so differently to Santa. We’ve all seen the Santa pictures of kids terrified out of their minds to be sitting on his lap. It’s truly a delightful experience to see how a kid is going to react. It’s a gamble to see if they will be excited, scared, or totally uncaring about the situation.  

Why Do Kids Get So Scared?

But why do they get so scared? Is it because they think they may be on the naughty list? Is the threat of coal really that scary? Or is it because of stranger danger? Honestly, part of me hopes that it’s the latter and that my children have some sense of self-preservation. The truth is that it’s different for every kid, and it’s up to us to gauge whether the terror is worth the picture or not. 

Jersey Knew What Was Up…

In Jersey’s case, the little man was skeptical instantly. He knew as soon as Justin stepped in the house that something wasn’t right, but he wasn’t going to let that freak him out. You can watch his video here if you somehow missed it! 

 As unsure about Santa as he was, he never did scream or cry. He just held onto me and passed judgemental glances down the staircase. His strongest reaction came when Justin scooped up one of his sisters and took off out the door. But, when she came back with a present, he let himself be “kidnapped.” You can imagine how reassuring it was for me to realize that all it took for him to go with a stranger was the promise of a present…

During all of this, the girls were laughing and playing along, but if you haven’t seen when Santa Justin showed up for the first time, you need to pause reading and watch this video right now. I promise that it’s worth it! 

Ava and Alexis Had a Different Experience.

Three years ago, Justin thoroughly scared the girls. At first, like Jersey, they were excited to see Santa walking down the street. But the moment that they realized that he was coming to their house, they went into panic mode. Ava bolted upstairs and hid first, her sister right behind her. They spent the next several minutes screaming and crying until they finally calmed down enough to speak to Santa from the safety of our bedroom. 

It was a moment that I forever grateful that we caught on camera. Now, we know that this was the last year we will do a Santa Justin prank, but we know that you guys have plenty of Santa encounters to share! Comment below with a picture of your child’s reaction to Santa Claus!

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