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The Mini Businesswomen // The Twins Run Their Business!

The Twins Like to Play Dress Up

Ava and Alexis have created another “Dress Up as Mom and Dad” video for their YouTube Channel and it’s as hilarious as the first. It’s funny to see what situations they come up with that embody Justin and me. Watching them become little businesswomen has really encouraged me and assured me that they really do love the family business. Many have accused us of forcing our children to be on camera and using them to make money. But, if you take a look at their channel, you can see that they are doing this for themselves. 

Their Business, Their Rules

When the twins started their channel, we told you in a blog post that they were basically in charge of it. By that, we mean that they pick the content and come up with creative ideas for their channel and do what they want to. They now have a pretty successful kid’s content channel and so does Jersey. Yes, we still do the filming and editing for them, but it’s truly their channel. We have always wanted to push them to do their best in whatever they are doing and we will say it again: If they don’t want to make content anymore, we won’t force them to continue. 

All of that to say that Ava and Alexis love what they are doing. Plus, now that they can focus the kid’s content on their channel, we can focus on our family-content channel. We want to be a different kind of family on YouTube. We see a lot of families doing content for kids, but we want to focus on family-centric, positive content. 

Family is Everything

Sorry, Just one tiny Godfather joke

We want to show you how we parent and how we deal with difficult things as a family. Creating meaningful and engaging content is our second most important goal as a family brand. Our first goal is to make sure that our family continues to gain joy from our work because none of this means anything if we are miserable and our family life is suffering. 

By keeping that as our top priority, we have created a successful business/ life balance. Even though our life is our business is our life, our life isn’t our business. If that makes any sense to you at all, let me know in the comments. 

Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Be Boss Business Women

The girls really do have a ton of fun making their videos and if you want to see them play Justin and me again, you can watch the video here. Also, if you missed the first time that they did this, you can find that video here. If you haven’t explored their channel, I encourage you to take some time and watch their videos and subscribe to support the mini businesswomen! 

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  • Cheryl P Williams
    November 4, 2020

    There y’all go again….doing great things and being “real”! I am so inspired by and loving your family. You all make me feel like I could just easily sit at the kitchen counter, lay on the couch, sit on the patio and enjoy you all. Are you the perfect family? Probably not, but you’re the perfect family for me! You all are doing a fantastic job and I’m enjoying being a part of your journey! 👍🏽❤️

  • Pearl Opoku
    November 9, 2020

    I would say i love everything about your family. And I’m not sure you are forcing your kids into filming or anything. I see it as a great opportunity to even get to know more about your kids. Since they bring out their own contents, you gets to know more of what they are up it. Keep it up and continue to motivate them. Who knows if they end up in acting

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