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The Twins Got Smartphones!

Smartphones at 7 years old?

This week we posted a video about the girls getting their first cell phones! We wanted to bring it to you guys to see what you think about giving seven-year-olds phones. To be honest, your opinion won’t change our minds and the girls already have their phones. However, we really want to know what your ideas are about giving kids phones. 

That being said, let’s talk about why we decided to give the girls their first phones. We want the girls to be comfortable using the technology in case they ever get into a situation where they need to contact us or the police. I should clarify that we aren’t anticipating a time when they won’t be within earshot of us or an adult who can help. But, you really never know what’s going to happen and we don’t want them to be unprepared. 

We don’t want them to be unprepared!

Smartphones also come with a vast array of apps and features that can help them get through tough situations. It’s a goal of ours to make sure they know how to access those features. . We didn’t get them the latest and greatest phones, but we got them phones that we knew would perform the basic functions. They can call us, their Nana, and 911. The girls tend to call us all the time -even when we are in the same house- and that has led to a small amount of regret. But, I would much rather they call me or Justin 100 times a day than have them left without a means to contact us in case of emergency. 

Can they be responsible with their smartphones?

We are also taking this opportunity to see how responsible they can be with a phone. Despite the fact that they are still kids, these girls are very mature for their age! We weren’t going to spend thousands on phones for them anyway, but this is an opportunity to see how they handle an expensive tool. “Tool” being the operative word here. Our goal is for the girls to look past the games and the selfies and see that they have something with them that can get them out of trouble. They have a flashlight, GPS, a camera, and basically a mini-computer in their pockets. 

We did take some precautions!

Don’t worry, we have parental locks on the devices so they can’t get into/buy anything that we don’t want them to. We are very aware that there are some dangerous apps out there that market to children. We don’t want them stumbling upon anything that will do them harm or that they shouldn’t be seeing. So, you can leave that argument behind if you want to share your thoughts. 

What do you think?

It will take them some time to get used to the devices and it will take Justin and me some patience before the girls get to a place where they aren’t calling us 100 times a day. But, we feel that we made the right decision. What age were you when you got your first phone? How old were your kids when you gave them theirs? What advice would you give to parents debating on whether or not to provide phones for their younger kids? What is your best tip for keeping your kids safe while they use smartphones? Let us know in the comments! 
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