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Twin Telepathy // Ava & Alexis’ New YouTube Channel

Shifting Our Focus

For a few years now, we have had two main channels: “The McClure Family” and “Playtime with Jersey.” We also had “The McClure Algorithm” and I have a channel called “Life with Ami.” But as some of you have noticed, or have noted our in our announcements, our brand is changing. We are now the Mighty McClures and the biggest change is that Ava and Alexis have their own channel on YouTube now. Many of you have been asking for a while why the twins didn’t have a separate channel like Jersey does. To be honest, it’s because our main channel was focused mostly on the girls and their adventures. But now, as all of our kids are coming into their own, it was time to switch it up and reevaluate where we wanted to go with our channel. Our Mighty McClure channel is shifting to focus on the family unit as a whole and the girls have decided that they want a space to share their own ideas with you.

The Girls Are In Charge

To be clear, Ava and Alexis wanted to start their own channel and take on all of the responsibility that comes with it. Yes, Justin and I are still there to help them in whatever capacity that they need, but we have taken a step back on the creative side and allowed them to come up with their own content. We are beginning to teach them the business side of what we do because they want to learn and we will continue to support them with this project and in whatever they decide that they want to do. Jersey’s channel is a different story for now.

Jersey’s Choice

When we started Jersey’s channel it was because we felt that there were some aspects of raising a boy that we could share outside of the main channel. We were able to appeal to different audiences with Jersey’s content which is why we felt compelled to build him a separate channel. While we control the content now when Jersey is older and if he decides that he wants to create content of his own, we will gladly hand over the reins of his channel to him. But, like with the girls, we want it to be his decision.


The McClure Twins channel has started off with a super exciting video about Twin Telepathy. The girls had a barrier between them and they were given the same objects and had to get on the same wavelength to pick the same thing and my goodness did it work! We did five rounds of this and they got four correct! We’re pretty convinced that they share a telepathic connection. I’m not sure Justin and I could have pulled that off. After this experiment, I’m excited to see what other twin theories that the girls decide to test out on their new channel.

Justin and I couldn’t be prouder of the decisions that our girls have made to step up and take part in their own business. No, the entire weight of the logistics and heavy lifting isn’t on our seven-year-olds, but they are directing us and telling us how they want to do things. Keep an eye out for more content from them in the very near future. Also, don’t forget to check out our new Instagram account @mightymcclures and give us a follow!


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