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Are Ava & Alexis EXACTLY alike?


Ava and Alexis McClure are identical twins, but also unique people!

We are loving a new book in the McClure household: I Am Unique, by Jennifer Wassel and Penny Weber. Ava and Alexis are identical twins — but enjoyed learning about the many ways they are unique through the main character, Erin, who has a birth mark. “It makes her look pretty!” says Ava. In the story, Erin’s mom would not let Erin cover up her birthmark because she wanted Erin to be herself and not hide her unique feature. Ava says, “there’s nothing wrong with being unique! You gotta be yourself!” The McClure Twins have several physical features that are unique, in addition to their unique perpersonalities, opinions and preferences Ava has a tiny birthmark on her nose which is one of the ways she is unique from Alexis.

Alexis is unique because her hair is a little bit of a different texture than Ava – she has a tighter curl. This book is very important to us because it’s always important to celebrate the uniqueness of each child – and extra important when you have IDENTICAL TWINS! Ever since our infamous viral video, the girls still try to trick their parents (here) and their teachers too, we always know who’s who!


Mama McClure explains to identical twin daughters how unique they are.

Posted by Discovery Twins on Monday, October 15, 2018

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