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Welcome to the Family Ace McClure! // New Puppy Alert!

There is a new puppy in town!

Everyone meet Ace. 

Ace is a golden doodle puppy that we surprised the kids with and we love him. We already told the girls that we would be getting two dogs, but they had no idea that we were going to get Ace so soon! There are still about three weeks until we get Zuri, our giant Schnauzer puppy from Top Dogg K9 Foundation, but we couldn’t wait to get a dog in our lives! 

We decided a surprise puppy was just what the kids needed!

Keeping this a secret from the kids wasn’t too difficult, only because they knew that they were getting a dog at some point. We ordered a ton of puppy supplies ahead of Ace’s arrival so we would be prepared for the new addition to the family. The kids helped us unpack all of the items completely unaware that we would be bringing Ace home that day. You can see their completely unaware, super adorable faces in the video here.

After getting to the meeting place and actually meeting the dog, we got to tell the kid that we were taking him home. They didn’t believe us at all. Ava thought we were actually stealing someone’s dog in a gas station parking lot! But it didn’t take any time for them to figure out that we were serious and that we actually were taking our new little fluff home. 

Jersey VS Ace

Jersey still isn’t super convinced about dogs in general, but he is definitely warming up. He has made leaps and bounds since our first visit to Top Dogg. And we are hoping that with two pups in our life that he will overcome his aversion to animals. 

Speaking of Top Dogg, I wanted to tell you why we are getting Zuri from that foundation. First of all, giant schnauzers are super smart and protective and that was something we wanted in a dog. We wanted a pet that would be gentle with the kids and not be too difficult to train. 

Puppy #2 is coming soon!

Top Dogg breeds them because they are such incredible family dogs and we can’t wait to finally bring Zuri home. But we also wanted to get our dog and have it trained by Top Dogg because we are very excited about the work that they are doing for veterans in our community. 

Blake and Sheila Rashad founded Top Dogg in 2011 because they wanted to be able to provide help for disabled veterans. As veterans themselves, they know first-hand that life with PTSD, anxiety, and depression can be so difficult without emotional support. With that in mind, they built Top Dogg to provide service animals to disabled veterans free of charge. They get their support through donations, K-9 training services, and of course, through the purchase of their giant schnauzers. 

Try Something New!

This week, we are asking that you take a moment and check out their social pages! They can be found on Facebook and Instagram. Give them a like and follow and consider donating to help disabled veterans get the support they need! You can find their website here! Also, keep an eye out for when we bring home Zuri! We will definitely have more puppy content coming your way! 


  • MELVA Brewer
    October 31, 2020

    I love your surprise for the kids and I do believe that it want be long before Jersey start to fall in love with the family pet .

  • Felicia. Watson
    November 4, 2020

    Jerseys Bed 🛌 Looks fun !!

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