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Why Your Child Should Attend Preschool

The social and learning growth benefits of your child attending preschool are significant. While weighing up the benefits of preschool is a common thing for most parents, we wanted to help make the decision a little easier for you. 

Choosing preschool for your child is best done by acquiring the right information from parents who have experienced the joy of preschool and its benefits for their children. So today, we share our experience, our knowledge, and our opinion on why your child should attend preschool.

Prepares Children for Elementary School

Preschool is a perfect blend of play and learning, and the way in which kids learn is through playtime. Some parents have conflicted feelings about introducing academics to children too early on; however, in our experience, a child will adapt to preschool early on and have all sorts of fun!

Your child will enjoy making new friends and bonding with their teacher, the learning is just a bonus. By the time they reach elementary school, they will have a foundation of learning and social skills to help them. We have come to find that preschool is very beneficial for the learning growth of our little ones.   

What Kids Learn in Preschool

  • Introduction to Numbers and Letters: Your child will start to become familiar with numbers and the alphabet through books, toys, and posters. The visual introduction to numbers will give your child a head start in elementary school. 
  • Language Abilities: Teachers are constantly interacting with your children in a way that helps them learn and use new words, furthering their vocabulary. Interactive classes in an array of settings; play, lunchtime, book reading, and art will broaden your child’s pool of words in a fun and natural way.
  • Learning in a Fun Environment: Preschool is adapted to a child’s age and needs. This makes learning fun for all. What your child will learn in a preschool setting will stick with them throughout their early years of elementary school. 
  • Confidence: Your child will participate in team activities, singing, reading, and sports, all of which will help to build their confidence and speaking skills. Interacting with teachers and children while doing things they love will help to build not only confidence but also character.
  • Skills They Will Take Into Their Future: From elementary school and into their teens, your children will go on to learn, participate in social environments, get their first job, act in plays, join a sports team, and the skills learned early on in preschool will help to build skills in all these areas of their future life. Some of the skills they will learn early on are compassion, understanding, sharing, patience, and how to handle making mistakes. All of which are positive learning opportunities for your child. 

The Cost of Preschool Compared to Daycare

The cost of preschool is comparable to that of daycare; however, your children gain a lot more from preschool. It is a structured setting that provides them with an experience they don’t always receive in the comfort of a family home setting.

While parents do discipline their children when they fail to follow rules, the discipline they will receive in a group environment and by being exposed to different daily scenarios will help your child grow and learn right from wrong.  

Develop Social Skills

During preschool, your child is taught to share toys, make decisions, and participate as part of a team. These are social skills that they will take with them to elementary school. All the learning they do at preschool is achieved separate from their parents which helps to build confidence outside of their comfortable home environment.  

Preschool Nurtures Your Child’s Curiosity

Children of preschool age have a curious imagination that is just waiting to be nurtured. Teachers nurture this imagination and creativity in kids through role-playing, reading, and art. And this will help to encourage the growth of their own individual personalities.  


We think preschool is full of great learning and growth opportunities that will prepare your children for elementary school. Not only prepare them but also help them excel early on and for years to come. It has been our experience that preschool is an invaluable journey of learning that your child will enjoy.

We would love to hear from you. What has been your preschool experience?


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